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Digital advertising includes a variety of powerful advertising tactics online that, when used correctly, generates leads, finds new customers, builds awareness, and drives more profit for you!

Here at Cumulus Media Providence, our local Account Executives have years of digital advertising experience backed up by a team of digital support experts that specialize in all the unique aspects of digital advertising AND you can leverage all that knowledge and expertise into successful digital advertising campaigns that work!

Digital Advertising campaigns can be as simple as building your company a new, but powerful website, customized for your brand and your customers/clients or digital advertising campaigns can be incredibly complex advertising campaigns that include a suite of digital products such as Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Website Re-Targeting Displays, Search Re-Targeting Displays, Contextual Matching Displays, Geo-fence Display advertising to target specific locations, Advanced Targeting Displays that can target individual by psychographics (such as purchasing habits and patterns), Social Media Displays, GPS Targeting, Over The Top (OTT) television commercials that run on connected TV’s and finally Video Display advertising.

For small business owners, digital marketing choices can be overwhelming. Cumulus Media Providence makes it easy – One Solution, One Sign-on, One Expert Adviser.

Cumulus Media Providence allows small business owners to stand out from the crowd online. With our cutting-edge suite of tools, businesses can establish an online presence, engage customers through social and mobile media, manage their online reputation, and promote — all within a single solution.

When combined with our data collection tools, like our Data Mining Pixel that collects incredible amounts of data on up to 50%-70% of your website visitors, our digital advertising campaigns are focused, powerful, and wildly successful.
Research* also confirms that marketing campaigns generate even higher returns when they’re on more than one marketing platform.

That’s why we offer a variety of effective digital solutions to enhance your marketing efforts. We are truly your one-stop shop to deliver a coordinated digital campaign that will get you results.

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